Christian Moe <> writes:

> I think there's a better approach. Tl;dr:
> - A better way to have active CSS in SVG images is to link to the
>   external SVG file with the <object> rather than <img> tag, as we used
>   to.

Reading the linked threads, it seems that <object> has its own
downsides. Why is it strictly better then?

> - Without patching Org, you can embed an external SVG file as an SVG
>   island in Org HTML export simply by using #+INCLUDE.

To be clear, I am in favor of adding "embedding" switch for ox-html in
general. It is a feature several people requested elsewhere - for all images.
#+INCLUDE is cumbersome, does not work with captions, and will generally
break Org customization relying on Org knowing what kind of object is
being exported.

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