On 15/06/2023 20:09, gerard.vermeu...@posteo.net wrote:
;;    - For each SVG link by means of "#+ATTR_HTML: :svg-as-object t"
;;      or "#+ATTR_HTML: :svg-inclusion t".

Is there any advantages of using separate boolean attributes instead of multiple values?

- :svg object
- :svg img
- :svg dom (or any other value for inserting contents of SVG files into HTML)

"inline" is really ambiguous here since it may mean CSS display property block vs. inline that is similar to Org's block-level elements and inline objects.

Has anybody compared memory footprint of a document with multiple SVG images rendered by a browser with <img> vs <object> strategies? It seems at least Firefox may create frames for each <object> so the page may be rather heavy.

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