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> In every work related org-file, I set the category like this: 
> #+CATEGORY: work
> I then use org-agenda-custom-commands like those below to show work related 
> content or not work related content. This works in Org version 9.5.5/Emacs 
> 28.2, but in Org version 9.6.4/Emacs 29.0.90, both custom-commands shows the 
> content of every file, category "work" or not.
> I posted this on Reddit, and according to a user it can be reproduced in the 
> stable version, while it works fine in the development version.

I was actually wrong in my initial attempt to reproduce (and reddit

The reason your filter is not working is that you are setting it in a
composite agenda view. According to the docstring of

    This variable should not be set directly, but agenda custom commands can
    bind it in the options section.  The preset filter is a global property of
    the entire agenda view.  In a block agenda, it will not work reliably to
    define a filter for one of the individual blocks.  You need to set it in
    the global options and expect it to be applied to the entire view.

Note that the docstring explicitly warns you to set the filter in global
agenda options, not within individual blocks.

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