In every work related org-file, I set the category like this: 

#+CATEGORY: work

I then use org-agenda-custom-commands like those below to show work related 
content or not work related content. This works in Org version 9.5.5/Emacs 
28.2, but in Org version 9.6.4/Emacs 29.0.90, both custom-commands shows the 
content of every file, category "work" or not.

I posted this on Reddit, and according to a user it can be reproduced in the 
stable version, while it works fine in the development version.
My org-agenda-custom-commands settings looks like this: 
'(org-agenda-custom-commands   '(("p" "private"      ((agenda "" nil)       
(alltodo ""         ((org-agenda-category-filter-preset               
'("-work")))))      nil)     ("w" "Work"      ((agenda "" nil)       (alltodo 
""              ((org-agenda-category-filter-preset               
'("+work")))))      nil nil)))

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