David Masterson <dsmaster...@gmail.com> writes:

>> Yes. Though it would be better to attach the diff with proper (.diff or
>> .patch) extension.
> I hope you saw that I provided a "patch,txt" file in a following message
> (forgot about the naming convention -- been a long time...)

Inline and attachment are both fine.

>> Even better would be providing commit message and formatting the patch
>> properly. See https://orgmode.org/worg/org-contribute.html#first-patch
>> Not mandatory though - I can format things properly on your behalf.
> Thank you.  I haven't "patched" anything on Savannah and assumed I might
> have to do the GNU copyright assignment.  For this, I thought it would
> be easy for you.

Yes and no. One of the things you get to do when creating a proper patch
is commit message describing the changes in detail. This helps to review
your own changes and often helps with silly typos.

So, it is generally not hard for me to write the commit message on your
behalf, but if you do it yourself, it generally makes life easier for me
when reviewing changes.

As for copyright assignment, it does not matter if you provide a diff or
patch - the work is yours and it is a subject of copyright rules we use.
<=15LOC of non-trivial changes does not require copyright assignment.

>>> -#+cindex: timestamps
>>> -#+cindex: ranges, time
>>> -#+cindex: date stamps
>>> -#+cindex: deadlines
>>> -#+cindex: scheduling
>> Is there any particular reason why you removed index entries here and
>> further in the diff?
> No, there isn't.  I think what happened here is that I noticed section
> 8.1 in org-guide and org-manual were almost (but not quite) the same. I
> assumed (incorrectly?) that they were supposed to be the same, but got
> out of sync.  So I made my patch to org-guide and then replaced section
> 8.1 in org-manual with the one from org-guide.  I think these "cindex"
> statements got dropped because of that.  If they are important in
> org-manual, but not org-guide, then please put them back.

Well. They are kind of out of sync. But the org-guide is not supposed to
be exact copy of the manual - the guide only contains the most important
parts. That's why footnotes are dropped.

For cindex entries, they are not needed in the guide. #+cindex and
similar keywords are just anchors to build concept/variable/command
index in the manual. We do not have such index in the guide.

>> Why did you remove hours?
> Oh!  Another difference between org-guide and org-manual that came over
> in trying to resync the two.

This is a valid out-of-sync entry. I updated the guide now.

> I'm relooking at this patch.  Testing finds that these work in the
> timegrid agenda as expected:
> * <2023-02-03 Thu 10:00-11:00>--<2023-02-04 Fri 10:00-11:00>
> ** Can't mark one done -- you have to mark them all done
> *** Kind of expected for this form
> * <2023-02-03 Thu 10:00-11:00 +1d>
> ** Can you limit the number of repeats? If so, how?

Only using diary sexp. Limiting the repeater intervals is one of the
feature requests we have.

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