David Masterson <dsmaster...@gmail.com> writes:

>> I am mostly questioning "for purposes described in this chapter".
>> All the TODO items can be labelled with multiple dates/times, not just in
>> "this chapter".
> I see.  I'm trying to say that the rest of this chapter describes how,
> where and why you would use dates/times in an Org file.  For example,
> the Timestamps subchapter describes what a timestamp looks like and that
> it can be used in any header or paragraph in an Org file and how the
> timestamp affects the agenda.

Maybe add a short second paragraph summarizing about timestamps,
scheduled, deadlines, and clocking? That's what people commonly do in

> I think I see what you're saying.  I'm fine with dropping "/times".
> ...
> Ah, then just drop the "and time" change.

Would you mind updating the patch?

If you do not use magit, you can easily re-create patches for a given
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