On Jun 13, 2023, at 20:02, Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@posteo.net> wrote:
> Ruijie Yu <rui...@netyu.xyz> writes:
>>>>>> -Worried about aligning free text tables?
>>>>>> -Org mode does it in a single keystroke -- =tab=.
>>>>>> +担心无法在文本表格中对齐?你只需按一个键 ----- =tab=​。
>>>>> May I know the purpose of adding extra "-"?
>>>> Double-dash only renders as a short dash on HTML, whereas quintuple-dash
>>>> yields a long dash.  This is more in the spirit of Chinese writing,
>>>> because we usually use two full-width dashes as a "dash punctuation".
>>> Maybe just use \mdash entity then?
>> Sure, I find double-\mdash looks good on HTML as well.
> May you please rebase the patchset onto current master?
> I had problems applying the patchset on my side.

Will do this weekend.  Please note that I will no longer have much time during 
weekdays, and that I really want to have my employer disclaimer done before 
this should go in.  I’ll keep you updated when everything is ready on my end, 

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