David Masterson <dsmaster...@gmail.com> writes:

>> See the attached final draft.
> What's the command to save the attachment?  It doesn't look like a mime
> attachment to me,

In message-mode:

C-c C-a runs the command mml-attach-file (found in message-mode-map),
which is an autoloaded interactive native-compiled Lisp function in

It is bound to C-c RET f and C-c C-a.

>> I also slightly adjusted the wording and fixed list indentation in
>> one of description list items.
> One minor note -- I think of datestamp & timestamp as one word each
> while 'date range' & 'time range' are two words each.  Unless you've got
> other reasons, I'd follow this convention.  I think I see one 'cindex'
> that has 'timerange'.

I left the incorrectly spelled 'timerange' cindex entry on purpose.
In Org, we have variables `org-agenda-timerange-leaders' and
`org-agenda-remove-timeranges-from-blocks'. So, in Info-mode, some
people may search index for 'timerange' instead of 'time range'. Again,
the purpose is helping searchability.

I now applied to patch onto main.

>> Please note that with this patch your total contribution is approaching
>> non-trivial 15LOC. Further patches will require FSF copyright
>> assignment.
> You got the number via some 'git' command??  If I get to doing more, I
> will do the copyright assignment -- I just never thought I'd make much
> changes. 

Not exactly. There is git command to find total number of changed LOCs:

               (format "cd ~/Git/org-mode/; git log --author=\"%s\" 
--pretty=tformat: --numstat main | gawk '{ add += $1; subs += $2; loc += $1 - 
$2 } END { printf \"+l: %%s -l: %%s total: %%s\", add, subs, loc }' -"
                       (downcase (if (string-match-p email all-committers)
                                     email sender))))

However, it will count all the LOCs, not just non-trivial.
By raw number of LOCs, your patch is indeed over 15LOC. However, part of
the patch is my text or syncing org-manual and org-guide texts. Those
changes are trivial.

So, I judged that the patch is still acceptable without FSF assignment.
But it will be the limit.

Ihor Radchenko // yantar92,
Org mode contributor,
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