Hi I am using the following workflow (for the org-aggregate pkg, but the
logic for lookup is similar)

I have one file with a table
#+Name: short-notes
| Name  | Exam1 | Exam2 | Result |
| Smith |     8 |    10 | 9      |
#+TBLFM: $4=vmean($2..$3);f2

And I want to extract the last column in another org file

#+BEGIN: aggregate :table short-notes :cols "Name Result"
| Name  | Result |
| Smith |      9 |

That *does not* work, so what I do I add to the file with short-notes

And org-id, 

However I find the selected «name» cumbersome (although I understand its
purpose) so I replace it by 
* Short notes
  :ID:       short-notes

and run 


then everything is fine.

however my «smart» way of selecting org-id might run into problems,
since I accidently can introduce such and id, twice. 

Therefore is there any way to check it (other then opening the opening
.org-id-locacations and check it manually)?


Uwe Brauer 

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