Samuel Wales <> writes:

> in maint and bugfix i frequently do org-store-link on a
> heading that has a properties drawer with an id in it.
> ...
> i frequently get "This link has already been
> stored".  perhaps this is meant to teach me that i can find
> it in org-insert-link?  there are 2 problems with that for
> me in practice:
> 1) i want to store it anyway so i can use the
>    mindless store-insert combination.

This behaviour has been introduced in bb61b37ee

Author:     Bastien <>
AuthorDate: Thu Dec 5 17:11:26 2019 +0100
ol.el: Don't store the same link twice

* lisp/ol.el (org-store-link): Don't store the same link twice.

I think that it will make a lot more sense to move the link in front of
the stored link list instead of just printing the message.

Bastien, others: any objections? (another possibility could be a
defcustom, but I cannot find how the current behaviour is useful for

> 2) org-insert-link, with my ido setup, and i am aware other
>    completion mechanisms exist but find it difficult to
>    switch, offers as completion candidates a completely
>    useless list.
>    idk how to show you the list but it looks kinda sorta like this:
>      id:2134123-11234123-41234123--12341
>      eww:
>      gnus:
>      ...
>      id:44242423-23452-345-234-523452-345
>      ...
>    as there is no description and the presumably useful ids
>    are near te bottom it is useless to try to use
>    org-insert-link.  so idk what the solution is.

The descriptions are displayed in *Org Links* buffer.
The completing-read call could, however, be improved to display link
descriptions as well. Patches welcome!

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