Anthony Carrico <> writes:

>> Makes sense. It is a +1 for a defcustom.
>> Although I still believe that we should change the current default, even
>> if leaving an option to fall back to previous behaviour.
> I don't think there is much reason to complicate the interface with a 
> defcustom. The current default is an error, so changing the default 
> doesn't break the workflow of anyone using it the way Samuel describes 
> (unless I'm missing something).

What Samuel described is a sequence of M-x org-store-link followed by
M-x org-insert-all-links. With such workflow, user can expect that the
links are going to be stored in order. If we are instead shuffle the
stored links, M-x org-insert-all-links may result in unexpected

Currently, when link to place is already stored, not error is thrown, a
message is displayed, no link is stored, and the stored link list is not

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