there is not supposed to be any connection between org refile or org
goto with the code in org insert link.

completion works to select ol paths for org refile and also for org
refile when it is doing goto.  i just want the same for links.

On 7/1/23, Max Nikulin <> wrote:
> On 02/07/2023 12:02, Samuel Wales wrote:
>> another window would not work for me but using completion as i do with
>> e.g. refile goto would.
> Samuel, you claimed that completion by description does not work for
> `org-insert-link'. I expect that it is fixed in Org-9.6 since I do not
> see the issue with the default completion. It is the reason why I asked
> you to confirm that *default completion* works for you as well. I
> suspect that the cause of your problem is either ido or your customization.
> I see no connection of `org-refile' and `org-goto' with the code in
> `org-insert-link'.

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