Ihor Radchenko writes on Thu 26 Oct 2023 13:44:

 > I can now reproduce the problem locally.
 > It boils down to
 > (setq exit-status
 >        (process-file shell-file-name input-file
 >                      (if error-file
 >                          (list t error-file)
 >                        t)
 >                      nil shell-command-switch command))
 > that is an equivalent of
 > bash -c bash /path/to/file-containing-the-source-code.sh
 > ----- file-containing-the-source-code.sh ----
 >  ssh localhost 'echo foo>/tmp/foo_file'
 >   echo $(uname -a) |tee /tmp/uname1.txt
 > ---------------------------------------------

 > If one tries to evaluate the above, the second line is not produced. It
 > has nothing to do with Emacs itself.

I am confused about what you specifically do to "evaluate the above".
To start with, I have to use quotes to make your command be performed:

   bash -c "bash /path/to/file-containing-the-source-code.sh"

Without the quotes, the 1st line is not executed either.  NB: I get
the same behavior with simply

   bash /path/to/file-containing-the-source-code.sh

or, after making the script executable with 'chmod +x':


But most importantly, the second line *is* produced, either if I use
an SSH key for passwordless access or if I enter the password

 > However, if I try
 > (process-file "bash" "/tmp/test.sh"), the /tmp/uname1.txt is not
 > produced.

Here too, it is not clear to me how you "try".  The way I know is to

   (process-file "bash" "/path/to/file-containing-the-source-code.sh")

and do

   M-x eval-region

In this case, indeed, the 1st line is executed but not the 2nd one
(again, whether or not I use an SSH key).

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