I seem to be having an issue with org-persist and Tramp which is close
to what discussed in this thread:


- I open a Org file on a remote machine, via Tramp.
- The SSH connection dies.
- I try to kill the stale buffer with kill-buffer and from IBuffer.
- The buffer is not killed, instead Emacs hangs for a while while still
  trying to connect to the old SSH connection.
- The buffer becomes sentient and gains immortality... either that or I
  restart Emacs, which is clearly a big no-no. :D

Looking at the backtrace, it looks like the kill operation insists on
calling org-persist-write-all-buffer, which in turn seems to be calling
Tramp and therefore SSH to the now unreachable machine.

More context:

- The SSH process is now gone, no trace of its original process.
- I've tried all combinations of tramp-cleanup-* commands, with no luck.
- I'm on Emacs 29.1 and Org 9.6.9.
- The default value of org-persist-remote-files seems to be 100.

Is there any org-persist-related setting that I should include in my
init.el? Anything that I might be missing here?

Thanks for your help, cheers, Fabio.

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