On 2023-11-07, 22:08 +0100, Antonio Carlos Padoan Junior 
<acpadoa...@yahoo.com.br> wrote:
> My workaround is to save the buffer locally (perhaps in /tmp). This
> action releases the buffer.

Hi Antonio,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Unfortunately your work-around doesn't seem to work in my case. Just to
make sure I'm not missing anything, when you say you save the buffer
locally, you mean with `write-file' (C-x C-w), right?

If I use `write-file', the system lags for a while, then it prompts me
to insert a file name. Whatever path I insert, Emacs will try to use the
old SSH connection and therefore freeze. If I `keyboard-quit' (C-g), the
system "unfreezes" but the file won't be saved.

Thanks, best wishes, Fabio.

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