Henrik Hörmann <leinf...@mailbox.org> writes:

> It seems that inconsistencies with regard to lowercase/uppercase
> conventions still abound. Is there a reason that `org-insert-property-
> drawer' has a hardcoded `(insert ":PROPERTIES:\n:END:")'? I'd really
> like to customize this.

Org keywords are case-insensitive. The choice of upper/lower case when
automatically inserting various Org elements is mostly historical.
Several commands determine the case from context though (not possible in
this particular case).

If you wish the case to be fully customizeable, feel free to submit a
patch. But that patch would need to work across Org, not just for
property drawers.

> (Sorry for the repeated mail, I sent the first one before I joined the
> mailing list.)

That one is most likely still under moderation. Our moderation is
manual, done by volunteers.

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