Marie-Helene Burle <> writes:

> I suspect that this has already been reported as I saw it here: 

This is just a reference to the commit that introduced the explicit
error. Do note that the error got downgraded to a warning in a more
recent development version of Org mode. But the warning still indicates
inappropriate usage of Org functions that are designed to work in Org
mode and expect Org mode buffer.

> Just wanted to make sure it got to the right channel. Apologies for a
> useless message if it already did.
> Noticed this problem with org 9.7. Used to be no problem with prior version.
> Also mentioned in 

> In my case, I get the error when using `org-meta-return` in non-org buffers.

> I then get either of these error messages:
> Warning (org-element): ‘org-element-at-point’ cannot be used in non-Org buffer
> Warning (org-element): org-element--cache: Org parser error in <my-file>. 
> Resetting.

`org-meta-return' cannot be used in non-Org buffers. Just as the error
states. May you please explain why you are trying to use Org mode
command outside Org mode?

Not a bug, although we can still discuss your use case.
Canceled. (as a bug)

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