I see. That makes sense.

Thank you very much for getting back to me with info. This is much appreciated!


Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@posteo.net> writes:

> Marie-Helene Burle <mhbu...@gmail.com> writes:
>> Prior to org 9.7, I used to use `org-meta-return` everywhere to nicely add 
>> elements to a list. Whether in mu4e, markdown, or anywhere, typing:
>> - item1 <org-meta-return>
>> Would nicely give me:
>> - item1
>> -
>> ...
>> So, indeed, not a bug and probably nothing you want to worry about. I'll 
>> just have to learn to live without those nice little org behaviours in 
>> non-org buffers.
>> Note that the Reddit thread I linked in my prior email suggests that
>> I am not the only one who took advantage of this. I don't know what
>> org function that other user was using in non-org buffer, but it
>> used to work and stopped in 9.7.
> You can still use org-meta-return at your own risk if you upgrade to the
> latest Org mode. Just hide the warning message that is now displayed in
> place of the error.
> The reason org-meta-return and some other functions worked in the past
> is their internal implementation based on regular expressions. In the
> newer Org mode, we are switching to internal implementation based on Org
> parser - it is more accurate and fixes various bugs, but can fail
> unpredictably when not in Org mode buffer.
> In future, there is a chance that Org parser will be able to run without
> errors (although not necessarily accurately) in non-Org buffers, but it
> is not something I am specifically looking to fix - rather a side effect
> of some planned changes.

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