Hi Roshan,

> This change addresses two issues:
> 1. Latex previews in headings have the background color of the
> fontified Latex code, rather than the rest of the heading.
> 2. If Latex code is fontified with a face that has the :extend
> attribute, and the preview overlay wraps to the next line, then the
> empty space after the end of the line uses the background color of the
> Latex code rather than that of the surrounding text.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I ended up being rather busy around
the middle of last year. I’ve just started another sprint on the LaTeX preview
rewrite, and have made a few changes to how face guessing heuristics.

If you might be willing to try the new code and see if the issue noticed still
appears, that would be brilliant!

All the best,

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