Hi Roshin,

> Thanks again for your work on this exciting feature! I tried out your
> new code and it does indeed fix the problem on Emacs 29. But then I
> remembered that I originally encountered the issue on Emacs 28, and
> sure enough the issue persists there.
> To summarize, to get it to look right on Emacs 28, you need to append
> the face spec '(:inherit default :extend t) to the list of faces,
> rather than just 'default. Otherwise, when an equation overlay wraps
> to the next line in visual-line-mode, you'll see the background color
> of the org-block face leak through after the end-of-line. Emacs 29
> appears to behave more sensibly: if the overlay wraps to the next
> line, its face is not applied to the end of the current line.

Thanks for this info and the patch! I've had a look at both, and I'm hopeful 
that https://git.tecosaur.net/tec/org-mode/commit/3b3d48d3bf0 might solve the 
problem? Do let me know what your think 🙂

All the best,

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