Max Nikulin <> writes:

> On 22/03/2024 05:55, Michael wrote:
>> I have a small patch for `org-preview-latex-process-alist' making
>> the default setting for LaTeX source block evaluation be running
>> latex three times (instead of the current one).
> I suspect it may make the LaTeX preview feature unacceptably slow for 
> documents heavily loaded with math snippets. There was a proposal to use 
> LuaLaTeX instead of PdfLaTeX to provide better Unicode coverage, but it 
> was discarded due to significant slowdown.
> If it is true then it should not be active by default. It makes sense as 
> a user option, but I am unsure concerning required efforts.

Then, we may instead use latexmk - it will run latex as many times as

Also, performance will be less problematic after Timothy and Karthik
merge their latex preview branch. (they may want to do measurements

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