Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@posteo.net> writes:

> Joseph Turner <jos...@ushin.org> writes:
>> ...
>> (eww "https://ushin.org/needs-list.org#%3A%3A%23care";)
>> ...loads the file in eww-mode with point at the top of the file.
>> I think it would be more useful to instead activate org-mode (or a mode
>> which derives from it - "eww-org-mode"?), decode the link fragment, and
>> then jump to the location specified by the search option.
> There is a convention for pdfs:
> http://www.example.com/document.pdf#page=5
> But, AFAIK, it is not RFC.
> So, there is nothing stopping from creating an ad-hoc convention to
> parse URL locators in links to PDFs or org files or whatnot.

I'll need to dig a little more to see what changes would need to be made
in order for org-store-link to store properly formatted search options
with http: or hyper: links.  Currently, org-create-file-search-functions
is only used when creating a file: link.

> However, the question about activating a major mode on web content is a
> question to Emacs developers. It should be considered carefully, because
> activating major modes may not be safe.

hyperdrive.el activates a major mode with set-auto-mode when content is
loaded over the network.  This behavior is on by default.  Do you have
any advice about this?

Should hyperdrive.el set untrusted-content to t?



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