Joseph Turner <> writes:

>> So, there is nothing stopping from creating an ad-hoc convention to
>> parse URL locators in links to PDFs or org files or whatnot.
> I'll need to dig a little more to see what changes would need to be made
> in order for org-store-link to store properly formatted search options
> with http: or hyper: links.  Currently, org-create-file-search-functions
> is only used when creating a file: link.

You can instead use :store link parameter. It takes precedence over
everything else in `org-store-link'.

>> However, the question about activating a major mode on web content is a
>> question to Emacs developers. It should be considered carefully, because
>> activating major modes may not be safe.
> hyperdrive.el activates a major mode with set-auto-mode when content is
> loaded over the network.  This behavior is on by default.  Do you have
> any advice about this?
> Should hyperdrive.el set untrusted-content to t?

I was mostly talking about commands like eww - I simply recall a similar
proposal being made about activating Org mode when the URL points to Org
file. That proposal has been rejected on the grounds of security. See

The case with hyperdrive.el is not the same.
You may want to discuss it on emacs-devel.

As for untrusted-content, there is no point using it now - it was
specifically introduced for Org mode. It may or may not become a part of
more general security framework in Emacs.

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