"Dr. Arne Babenhauserheide" <arne_...@web.de> writes:

> I often see a huge number of warnings while publishing my website with
> org-publish:
> Warning (org-element-cache): org-element--cache: Got empty parent while
> parsing.
> ...
> To reproduce (though I’m not sure whether this will work outside my
> machine):
> - Requirements: mercurial, make, Emacs (naturally :))
>     hg clone https://hg.sr.ht/~arnebab/draketo
>     cd draketo
>     autoreconf -i
>     ./configure
>     make
> This should open a graphical Emacs (required for good syntax
> highlighting) which then displays the warnings in the *Warnings* buffer.

What if you use the dev version of Org mode?

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