"Dr. Arne Babenhauserheide" <arne_...@web.de> writes:

>> May you be able to make a reproducer that will demonstrate the problem
>> with your config installed from scratch?
> What would help you best?
> The setup is built to be as self-contained as possible (so the config
> from the repository is used, not my local one).
> I can try to build a Dockerfile or see whether I can get it working in a
> VM, or create a new user account and get it to work there.

The simplest would be just telling me which commands I need to run in
terminal and Emacs to reproduce the issue.

Or, alternatively, you can add
(setq org-element--cache-self-verify 'backtrace)
(setq org-element--cache-self-verify-frequency 1.0)
to the config, and then share the long log you will see alongside the
warnings with the above settings.

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