Kepa <> writes:

> After updating org-mode to org-9.7pre0.20240524.175607
> I get this warning message:
> ■  Warning (emacs): Value 't' does not match type (choice (const :tag nofold: 
> show all nofold) (const :tag fold: overview fold) (const :tag fold: show two 
> levels show2levels) (const :tag fold: show three levels show3levels) (const 
> :tag fold: show four levels show4evels) (const :tag fold: show five levels 
> show5levels) (const :tag content: all headlines content) (const :tag show 
> everything, even drawers showeverything))

This warning is hinting you that (setopt org-startup-folded t) is not the
right thing to do. It will still work though.

Now, it is better to use (setopt org-startup-folded 'fold)

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