A small update, I'll probably continue next weekend:

> I have emacs + org-mode running now, but it's very slow. Emacs on
> its own runs and starts quite fast, but as soon as I add my whole
> config, it takes 90 seconds to start, and 30 seconds to change in the
> org-mode agenda from one day to another.

I've put some 'if's around the parts of my emacs config that I don't
need on my phone, and I also cut down on the org files (no
Someday/Maybe stuff on the phone, it's not relevant for the agenda
anyways... hm, I could actually leave those out of my agenda

I got down to 9 seconds for changing to the next day, and 20 seconds
for changing to the next week. (Emacs startup time stays at a constant
90 seconds, even though I've cut out many elisp files.)

I think if I separate my Notes (i.e. pure reference Material) into
separate files, I'm going to make it under 5 seconds.

In an old thread I read Carsten talking about implementing some kind
of cacheing mechanism for the agenda, I think at this point I'd be
interested in something like that ;)

Memory usage while using org + emacs is ok, I can even leave emacs
running in the background. If it's idle, I won't even notice it's
still running (Yay for Apps2SD, it really frees up the main memory of
the phone).

As using this via the small keyboard is still awkward, even with speed
keys (let's face it: emacs just wasn't made for small keyboards), and
because it's still going to be slow, even if I can optimize it a bit,
I guess I'll still be going forward with my plans for integrating
org-mode with Remember The Milk.

But now I'm really tempted to start using mutt as a mail client on the
phone ;)

Have a good week!
        Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs <frie...@nomaden.org>
                             TauPan on Ircnet and Freenode ;)

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