Final summary on emacs with orgmode on the G1:

I added a few hints to

Friedel schrieb:
> Emacs runs nicely, but uses a lot of memory with org mode, and it's
> hard to use the agenda and probably difficult to make it run much
> faster.

The way I installed debian caused the swapping via "compcache" to be
disabled, which I remedied by now (see wiki page above). That helps
with some problems with memory consumption, but doesn't really make
things faster (I have a slow SD card, I think I will order a faster
one soon).

I didn't manage to get below 9 seconds for changing from one day to
the next in the agenda, even though I moved out most of my reference
material (and that way I have a more pure GTD-setup in my org-files now).

> Thus I'll only be using the local emacs on my android phone as a
> fallback when I have no (fast) network access, otherwise I'll use it
> via ssh on a much faster host.

This is still valid.

> > As using this via the small keyboard is still awkward, even with speed
> > keys (let's face it: emacs just wasn't made for small keyboards), and
> > because it's still going to be slow, even if I can optimize it a bit,
> > I guess I'll still be going forward with my plans for integrating
> > org-mode with Remember The Milk.
> As a sideeffect of this experiment, I have my org mode set up in a way
> that is much more convenient to use on a small keyboard, that way I
> can use it via ssh (connectbot) quite comfortably now. (speed commands
> and tag selection keys are especially handy)

And so is this. I have a remote host on which I use emacs + org mostly
from the phone, so I have my @G1 and @Network context on that box and
use speed commands, fast tag selection and context based auto
exclusion to get the right context. So if I have to wait for a delayed
train again, I can just pull up my shopping lists ;)

The debian installation remains on my sd card, since it's nice to have
the familiar tools with me in a pinch. I guess android based
smartphones will be much faster a few years from now, if they still
exist, and then maybe this setup will be more frequently used.

        Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs <>
                             TauPan on Ircnet and Freenode ;)

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