Dear Holger,

> I remember having to fiddle a little until I got it working - but
> nothing bad.
Thanks for the answer. I tried again and the only differences (beside of
different server), I saw in your and in my own set-up was the usage of
https vs. http. I tried to use http know and it seems to sync (at least
there is no error message). However, after that all I have is just a
empty screen. Files on webdav are not empty ;).
I will check again maybe I just created some error during testing and

Can someone confirm that the present mobileorg work or cannot work with

Furthermore, another thing I noticed, when I fire-up org-mobile-push, I
get the following message-log:

Agenda written to Org file /home/torsten/org/mobileorg/
Creating agendas...done
Saving all Org-mode buffers...
(No files need saving)
Saving all Org-mode buffers... done
Copying files...
(No changes need to be saved)
Writing index file...
byte-code: Wrong type argument: listp, "TODO"

as you can see there seems to be an problem within the index-file.
Any idea what is going wrong there ?

Thanks for helping


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