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> If the hook approach does not work you could also advise
> `gnus-inews-do-gcc', the function that actually creates the message
> copies ...
> ... or you could replace `gnus-inews-do-gcc', e.g. replace the
> call to `message-send-and-exit' in
> `ulf-message-send-and-org-gnus-store-link' with something like
> `gnus-inews-do-gcc-orig' and save it as e.g.
> `my-gnus-gcc-and-org-store-link'.  Then you could do something like
> (fset 'gnus-inews-do-gcc-orig (symbol-function 'gnus-inews-do-gcc))
> (fset 'gnus-inews-do-gcc 'my-gnus-gcc-and-org-store-link)
> ... but that's all untested ;)

two very good suggestions.  Thanks!  I'll try to play with these over
the weekend if I get a chance.
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