Ulf Stegemann <ulf-n...@zeitform.de> writes:

> Eric S. Fraga <ucec...@ucl.ac.uk> wrote:
>> Thanks.  I realised after sending my earlier message that this is going
>> to be quite complicated.  There's no point in storing a link when the
>> message is actually sent (after all, that will be sometime later).  I
>> would want to store the link when I send the message to the delay queue
>> (so that I can do something with the link, of course) so there really
>> need to be two versions of your function.
>> Should be doable.  I'll think about it some more.
> ah, now I seem to understand.  With your scenario I'd probably remove the
> call to `message-send-and-exit' from
> `ulf-message-send-and-org-gnus-store-link' and advise both
> `message-send-and-exit' and `gnus-delay-article' to run the modified
> function before execution.  This would leave you with a stored link
> right after a `C-c C-c' and `C-c C-j'.  But in case of the latter, the
> org link will be bogus until the message has actually been sent.  Could
> that be a way to go for you?

Very much so.  Brilliant.  It doesn't matter (much) that the link be
bogus until the message is sent; in my usage scenario, it's about audit
trails so I can't imagine needing to follow an org link right away.
I'll try this out.

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