Le 19 Apr 2011 16:36, Xiao-Yong Jin a écrit:
> Keep up the good work!
> PS.  I actually wish there were a html/javascript
> implementation that can pull org files directly from some
> online storage places (google docs or dropbox...).  It looks
> to me, by reading the code, that it might be possible to
> directly port the python code to javascript?

Sure, you may rewrite a parser and a library in js. I am not sure
'directly port' is appropriate in this case.

What seems more feasible in the current state is a web application which
use my python library on the server side and some js/web2.0/buzzword in
a fancy web page for the frontend. In this case, you may use any data
source you want (google docs, dropbox, regular webdav or even plain old



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