Bastien <> writes:

> Hi François,
> (François Pinard) writes:
>> P.P.S. How about amending the manual for consistent capitalization?
> I've pushed a fix for this.
> The manual used mostly uppercase so I fixed the few lowercase 
> instances of option/environment keywords.
> I made an exception for #+results, which is dynamically used 
> with lowercase.
> For the historical note: Carsten used uppercase most of the 
> time, and Eric introduced lowercase.  To me, uppercase looks
> better in the manual, and also means "this is a predefined
> keyword (see the other rules for TODO, tags and properties.)
> Thanks for raising this,

Ah! I don't mean to introduce inconsistencies.  I would be happy to
change the dynamic #+results: generation so that it instead inserts
#+RESULTS: into the buffer.  I believe the gain in consistency
out-weights any aesthetic concerns.

That said I'm happy that Org-mode is forgiving enough to allow me to
lowercase most of my keywords locally.


Eric Schulte

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