Bastien <> writes:

> Eric Schulte <> writes:

>> That said I'm happy that Org-mode is forgiving enough to allow me to
>> lowercase most of my keywords locally.

> Actually, I'm thinking of another solution:

> - keep one-line option/environment keywords uppercase
>   #+NAME
>   #+HTML
>   #+TITLE
>   #+...

> - use lowercase for multi-lines environments keywords
>   #+begin_ascii
>   #+begin_html
>   #+results

> This is the only good criterium I can think of, and that
> way people using easy templates will not be surprised to
> see #+begin_xxx in the manual.

I surely like this! :-).

Could the highlighting be made consistent as well?  I would suggest that
gray is uniformly kept for all one-line option/environment keywords.
Currently, #+TITLE is gray, #+OPTIONS is red, so #+OPTION would be
rendered the same as #+TITLE.  The gray would counter-balance the
shouting of the capitals, making it more bearable.

For lowercase multi-line environments keywords, red is just fine, and I
did not see exceptions so far (which does not mean there are not any).


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