Hi András,

András Major wrote:
> I've just discovered that I'm missing a feature in org-mode.  These
> days I write much of my code in an Org buffer and tangle it into a set
> of source files.  Currently, I follow a rather cumbersome procedure
> when making changes to the code:
> 1. I change the Org file using the C-cC-c keystroke within the code
>    block I want to edit.
> 2. After editing, I press C-cc-c again to return to the main buffer.
> 3. I save the buffer.
> 4. I tangle the buffer using C-cC-vt.
> 5. For further editing, I press C-cC-c again.
> I know that 3. is optional, but this still leaves me with four steps
> instead of (ideally) just one.
> What I would like to have is a way of reducing all this to just one
> key command.  Would it make sense to introduce such a command that
> simply tangles the entire buffer, including the changes made in the
> language-specific buffer, but leaving that buffer open for editing?
> If it's a reasonably small change, could anyone introduce it?  (I
> don't have time to delve into the depths of org-mode.)

I have the impression it's already there: if you edit your code directly in
the Org buffer, without opening an indirect buffer, the only thing you have to
do is:

1. save (optional, as you say)
2. tangle via C-c C-v (C-)t.

You can even advice the tangle function to do the save for you...

Another option is the opposite: edit in your tangled file, and untangle when
you feel it's the right time.

Best regards,

Sebastien Vauban

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