András Major <> writes:

> Hi Sebastien,
>> I have the impression it's already there: if you edit your code directly in
>> the Org buffer, without opening an indirect buffer, the only thing you have 
>> to
>> do is:
> That's precisely what I want to avoid.  I'd like to use the
> language-specific indentation and highlighting using the indirect
> buffer.  Basically, what I'm after is a quick keyboard command that
> tangles the entire file while I'm in the indirect buffer.

The following functions provide for (1) easily executing code in the
org-mode buffer related to the current edit buffer and (2) tangling the
org-mode buffer related to the current edit buffer.  Binding (2) to a
key in `org-src-mode' should provide the functionality you describe.

#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
  (defmacro org-src-in-org-buffer (&rest body)
       (org-edit-src-exit 'save)
       (setq msg (current-message))
       (if (eq org-src-window-setup 'other-frame)
           (let ((org-src-window-setup 'current-window))
             (org-edit-src-code 'save))
         (org-edit-src-code 'save))
       (message (or msg ""))))

  (defun org-src-tangle (arg)
    (interactive "P")
    (org-src-in-org-buffer (org-babel-tangle arg)))

I think that the above should be folded into org-src.el, but I'm not
entirely sure how.  (1) could be used to perform a number of functions
in the org buffer from an edit buffer, although off the top of my head
I'm not sure if there exists a need for this aside from tangling.


Eric Schulte

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