Hi all

Using hooks for file find and for file save I implemented
hidestarsfile: On the fly and inspired by hidestars (a cleaner outline
view: http://orgmode.org/manual/Clean-view.html )
- remove the leading stars from all headings when writing a buffer to
  the file
- reinsert the leading stars when reading a file into the buffer

Following is an example of the _file content_ first with leading stars
as usual and below without leading stars through "#+STARTUP: odd
hidestars hidestarsfile":

  #+STARTUP: odd hidestars
  ***** TODO section
  ******* subsection
  ********* subsubsec
            - bla bla
  ***** section
        - bla bla
  ******* subsection

  #+STARTUP: odd hidestars hidestarsfile
      * TODO section
        * subsection
          * subsubsec
            - bla bla
      * section
        - bla bla
        * subsection

The latter is convenient for better human readability when an Org
file, additionally to Emacs, is read with a file viewer or, for
smaller edits, with an editor not capable of the Org file format. To
change the format for the current file simply add or remove the
keyword hidestarsfile in the STARTUP line.

hidestarsfile is just a hack and can not become part of the Org core:
- An Org file with hidestarsfile can not contain list items with a
  star as bullet due to the syntax conflict at read time.
- An Org file with hidestarsfile can almost not be edited with an Org
  mode without added functionality of hidestarsfile as long as the
  file is not converted back.

I am still uncertain about if this could be made Org-mode-specific to
cover more use cases: When switching between Org mode and another
major mode like Fundamental mode it would remove and reinsert the
leading stars in the buffer itself, not only in the file. The current
state is that it only reinserts the leading stars in the buffer and
only removes them in the file. It does this regardless of the major
mode, assuming that not-Org-files don't contain the "^#\+STARTUP:"
hidestarsfile keywords. This is a simplification but I think it also
helps to ensure better that it is less prone to the error of loosing
track if it should now remove or reinsert and whether to mark
not-modified. The org-mode-hook is called also when following a link
and sometimes (source blocks?) more than once when just opening a
file. I guess that this tracking could be even harder for leaving Org

The text until here and the 40 lines of Emacs Lisp are on Worg:

Are there opinions about making hidestarsfile Org-mode-specific as
mentioned above?

Is there a hook for the event of leaving Org mode or could one be
added for this purpose?


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