Hi Peter

Thanks for testing hidestarsfile. I just published fileconversion
version 0.2 (generalized name and functionality) with a speed-up [1]
and many other improvements. So please check out again:

> [...] Even better would be if the
> stars showed up as # so they'd be readable with Markdown.

Nice idea and implemented with the new generalisation of
my-org-fileconversion-* that is now extensible.

Take care that you don't end up hooking a complete file format
conversion to and from a format by calling pandoc and Org export or
similar. ;-)

> It turns out the spinning pinwheel was due to an incompatibility
> between the new version of org-mode and a function I'm running called
> hidestarsfile, which made my .org files nice and readable in other
> text editors.
> Hidestarsfile worked fine with my old org-mode, but for some reason
> with the new version it causes endless pinwheeling. I removed that
> function from my .emacs file and now everything is running smoothly.

I could not reproduce this with Aquamacs 2.1 and org-version 7.8.03
(release_7.8.03-258-g263cb.dirty). What is the backtrace when you set
debug-on-quit to t and stop the pinwheel with "C-g C-g"?


[1] hidestarsfile now uses less CPU time than the rest of Org mode for
    all of some typical Org files that I profiled during find-file.

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