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Using the last org-mode version from the git repository (7.8.03) I've found a
mismatch between the key-chord required to call function
=org-babel-expand-src-block= (=C-c C-v v=) and the ones given in the
info file: =C-c C-v p= or =C-c C-v C-p=. The same goes for the
Introduction]] where the given key-chord is =C-c M-b p=. 

In the same lin,e I have a question concerning the inclusion of the
/expanded/ source block in the generated output. Let's assume that I
define in my =.org= file a variable containing a file name like:

#+name: my-file-name

I want then a code block (using =R= in that case) that checks if
"dataFile.mat" is in the working directory with something like:

#+BEGIN_SRC R :var fileName=my-file-name :exports both
  fileName %in% list.files(pattern="*.mat")

I'm passing the file name as a variable because I want to repeat the same
analysis on different data files. But I would like to see in the HTML output
the value of the above variable =fileName=. I would like essentially  to
export the expanded source block. Is there a way to do that?



Most people are not natural-born statisticians. Left to our own
devices we are not very good at picking out patterns from a sea of
noisy data. To put it another way, we are all too good at picking out
non-existent patterns that happen to suit our purposes.
Bradley Efron & Robert Tibshirani (1993) An Introduction to the Bootstrap


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