Am 20.02.2012 17:32, schrieb Nick Dokos:
> Rainer Stengele <> wrote:
>> A custom agenda command like this does show the logs and the clock report, 
>> but why do I only get a weeks overview, not a month?
>>      ...
>>      ("0m" "agenda + no todos - whole month - log-mode - ARCHIVE included - 
>> clock report" agenda ""
>>       ((org-agenda-sorting-strategy '(time-up priority-down))
>>        (org-agenda-span 'month)
> I was having similar problems and it turned out that I had some setting
> of the (obsolete) variable org-agenda-ndays in some init file and that
> was causing me problems. I hunted all the settings down, eliminated them
> and use *only* org-agenda-span: things seem to work as expected. No idea
> of course whether that's your problem, but it might be worth checking.
> Nick

Thanks, Nick, that did it.

Having configured 'month in org-agenda-soan how can I start my agenda at the 
beginning of the month?
I only find org-agenda-start-on-weekday and  org-agenda-start-day, but no 
possibility to set the "1st of the current month".
What I really want is a calendar range for "current month" like "1st of month 
until and including today".

- Rainer

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