Rainer Stengele <rainer.steng...@online.de> wrote:

> Is there a variable which includes the current starting date of the
> agenda instead of the "calendar-current-date"?  Using that I could
> start my month-overview for the month I see in my agenda.

I don't know: a first look didn't uncover anything obvious, and
a second look will probably have to wail a while.

> ...
> What I cannot achieve is starting the log with clockcheck mode.
> "(org-agenda-show-log 'clockcheck)" does not work.

I really haven't done due diligence here, but this feels like a bug: I
tried setting it in my minimal .emacs, both with setq and setq-default,
as well as in the custom agenda command, but when I get to the agenda,
the value is nil, even though the global value is clockcheck. So
something seems to whack it.


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