Null character /sort of/ works: it makes org-mode insert the code
delimiters on export, but the presence of null characters breaks
export down the road, at least in my case.  This time, I could
intercept the exported text and remove the null characters by hand,
but it might not always be the case.

What org really needs is a stronger verbatim quoting construct.  In a
lot of cases, you just want your text to be displayed verbatim, with
no interpretation, period.  Near as I can see, there's nothing in org
that can currently do this -- please correct me if I'm wrong.  For
instance, things like =[[foo]]= should _not_ undergo further parsing /
be interpreted as links.  Same goes for quotes, or virtually anything.
 = signs should be allowed provided they are escaped in the usual
manner (=\==).  The current behavior is very unsatisfactory.

On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 12:47 PM, Michael Hannon <> wrote:
>> I noticed that strings like ='foo'= or =di"= don't get recognized by org as
>> code, which is somewhat unfortunate because it forces me to edit exported
>> HTML by hand.  Are there any workarounds for this behavior?
> Hi, Leo.  You might try inserting a null character before and after the
> quotation marks, as:
>         =^@'foo'^@=
> where:
>         ^@
> means CTRL-@, in the usual, text-based notation.
> -- Mike

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