On Thu, Feb 23 2012, Nick Dokos wrote:

> what does this do that appt.el (and its org interface) does not?

Sorry, I've totally forgotten to write about my motivation, to create
such an org-notify module.

Here a summary:
- different warning periods for different todo-types
- fine grained warning periods (smallest unit is second)
- continue notifications, when deadline is overdue
- easy modification of timestamps (just one click, to say
  "let's do it tomorrow")
- switch from "todo" to "done" by clicking on the notification window
- configurable notification types (email, notifications-notify, beep,
- configurable notification period
- configurable notification duration
- crescendo notifications (be more aggressive, when time gets closer to

There was a little thread about this subject:

Example usage:
  (org-notify-add 'appt
                  '(:time "-1s" :period "20s" :duration 10
                    :actions (org-notify-action-message
                  '(:time "15m" :period "2m" :duration 100
                    :actions org-notify-action-notify)
                  '(:time "2h" :period "5m"
                    :actions org-notify-action-message)
                  '(:time "1d" :actions org-notify-action-email))

This means for todo-items with `notify' property set to `appt': 1 day before
deadline, send a reminder-email, 2 hours before deadline, start to send
messages every 5 minutes, then, 15 minutes before deadline, start to pop up
notification windows every 2 minutes. The timeout of the window is set to
100 seconds. Finally, when deadline is overdue, send messages and make


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