On Sat, Feb 25 2012, Nick Dokos wrote:

> A quick first impression: orgntf-process seems expensive. It seems
> to take 100% of one core (I've got a quad-core processor) for three or
> four seconds every fifty seconds. Unfortunately, the core is the same one
> that's running emacs, so emacs stops responding for those three or four
> seconds. I have disabled org-notify for now.

How many lines do you have in your org-files?
(I've about 200 and execution time is about 100ms.)

I call now "(org-element-parse-buffer 'heading)", I hope it's faster for
you. Is it faster, when the file is byte-compiled?

Other ideas:
- I could divide orgntf-process into several tasks, so that things run
  more smoothly.
- You could call (org-notify-start -60), so the process will be called,
  when idle for one minute.

The file has a new home: https://github.com/p-m/org-notify
There is now `orgntf-verbose' to see execution time of

Thanks for testing!

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