Commit 00040e7 by David Maus has introduced a regression when inserting
into org tables while overwrite mode is on.  For each character inserted
into a table cell, the cell (and the whole table row) gets shortened by
one character.

If the change can not be reverted, the deletion must not
happen when overwrite mode is on, maybe through something like this:

      (if (not overwrite-mode) (delete-char -1))

Emacs24 actually does not have the doc string that admonishes not to use
the function delete-backward-char in non-interactive mode, so the point
of the commit may actually be moot (although neither the doc string of
delete-char nor delete-backward char make much mention of overwrite
mode).  Interestingly, even though I am inside the table,
org-self-insert-command gets called and not orgtbl-self-insert-command,
so I can't really say if both changes would need to be fixed in the same

Additionally, it appears that the implementation and the doc string for
orgtbl-self-insert-command don't match, there doesn't seem to be any use
of overwrite mode in its implementation.

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