Hi Achim,

Achim Gratz <strom...@nexgo.de> writes:

> Achim Gratz <strom...@nexgo.de> writes:
>> Commit 00040e7 by David Maus has introduced a regression when inserting
>> into org tables while overwrite mode is on.  For each character inserted
>> into a table cell, the cell (and the whole table row) gets shortened by
>> one character.
>> If the change can not be reverted, the deletion must not
>> happen when overwrite mode is on, maybe through something like this:
>>       (if (not overwrite-mode) (delete-char -1))
> The change cannot be reverted, since Emacs24 issues a compile-time
> warning about using delete-backward-char, even though that warning has
> been dropped from the doc string... so it needs to be protected or
> replaced by an org-specific version that honors overwrite mode.

I reverted David's change and replaced `delete-backward-char'
by `backward-delete-char', which isn't caught by the compiler*.

`backward-delete-char' is remapped to `delete-backward-char' 
by Emacs and `delete-backward-char' is remapped by Org to

Thanks for your patience on this one!

* This looks weird that an alias isn't caught by the compiler, 
I'll let Emacs devs know about this.


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