Moving forward on this point, many of the existing tests explicitly
`require' new Org-mode functionality (mainly language support for
testing code blocks execution).  I do not think that tests should ever
be activating new packages changing a users global environment.

For this reason I have just pushed up a commit which changes all

  (require 'org-foo)


  (unless (featurep 'org-foo)
    (signal 'missing-test-dependency "Org support for doing foo."))

so that those tests simple aren't run on the users system.  Please let
me know if anyone thinks this is a mistake and we can discuss.  The only
drawback I see is that batch-mode scripts will have to explicitly
activate the features which they would like to test, by evaluating forms
like (require 'org-foo) before the call to the test suite -- and I would
argue that being explicit about such things is a benefit.


Achim Gratz <> writes:

> Tests for experimental org features (e.g. from contrib/ ) should expect
> to fail when the user has not configured their inclusion into the
> current setup.  In other words, things like "(require org-element)"
> should not break the test run, but instead just note that this test has
> failed expectedly and continue testing.
> Regards,
> Achim.

Eric Schulte

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