Eric Schulte <> writes:
> My guess is that when I removed require statements for org-html and
> org-ascii from from test-org-html and test-org-exp, they removed some
> functionality not loaded by default in the test scripts.  These should
> probably be added into the Makefile.

Unless someone can give me a hint, I'll have a look at this
later... it'll probably become weekend before I get to this.

> Yea, I also run most tests from my normal Emacs session, which is part
> of the motivation for removing these embedded require statements.

I'll see that I create a minimal config and use that just for testing
from the Makefile (in my Makefile fork of course).  If somebody has a
good template to work from, please post, otherwise I should be able to
scrape it together from the parts that have just been removed.  BTW,
where should that startup file go, directly under testing?

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