So I keep running into very strange babel behaviors.

In addition to the whacked-out rendering oddities I've been posting about, I've just executed a static R block a half dozen times and gotten three or four different results blocks. I'm not going to try to minimal-example this one, it seems too timing sensitive to be worth attempting replication.

I'm using the blocks-calling-other-blocks behavior rather heavily, and the variation seems to be that, on some calls, output from dependencies is just getting pasted into the output from the dependant block.

Worse, there was one occasion on which it seems I got an output line from 'last' C-c C-c in 'this' run's output block.

I've been seeing comments about changes to the babel block formats recently, so it's perhaps plausible that git HEAD just isn't stable. Should I back off?

- Allen S. Rout

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