Hi Allen,

I think what you are experiencing is the lack of previous heavy usage of
inline call lines -- especially with multiple such calls on the same
line.  You've discovered a couple of edge cases and you seem to have a
knack for coming up with pernicious examples.

Please do keep these sorts of error reports coming, as I would like to
fix any such errors in the code.


"Allen S. Rout" <a...@ufl.edu> writes:

> So I keep running into very strange babel behaviors.
> In addition to the whacked-out rendering oddities I've been posting
> about,  I've just executed a static R block a half dozen times and
> gotten three or four different results blocks.   I'm not going to try
> to minimal-example this one, it seems too timing sensitive to be worth
> attempting replication.
> I'm using the blocks-calling-other-blocks behavior rather heavily, and
> the variation seems to be that, on some calls, output from
> dependencies is just getting pasted into the output from the dependant
> block.
> Worse, there was one occasion on which it seems I got an output line
> from 'last'  C-c C-c  in 'this' run's output block.
> I've been seeing comments about changes to the babel block formats
> recently, so it's perhaps plausible that git HEAD just isn't
> stable. Should I back off?
> - Allen S. Rout

Eric Schulte

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